The London Police

Come funziona

Curated by Giuseppe Pizzuto

Critical essay by Christian Omodeo

Wunderkammern is glad to present Come funziona a new exhibition by The London Police at Hetra’s Villino Rattazzi.

The London Police (Chaz Barrisson and Bob Gibson) began their artistic career in 1998. In twenty years of work they have exhibited in over one hundred shows and events in more than thirty-five countries. Since 2009 the two English artists have focused their work more on canvas works, personal exhibitions and large wall projects. Over the years they have received awards internationally for their contribution to the Street Art movement.

The London Police live and work in Amsterdam, city where they have been operating since the dawn of their artistic activity to renew streets they have defined as disappointing. The electrical panels of the Dutch capital have been the first exhibition sites where their characters have been depicted. Chaz Barrisson has always designed "LAD". Initially the character has appeared as a sketch to lately develop and become today’s iconic figure.Bob Gibson takes care of the faithful portraits and architectural illustrations. Together, these styles come together to create a fantastic, captivating and exciting world.

For the first time in Rome, Wunderkammern has presented the exhibition Come funziona (How it works, in English) in the exceptional setting of Hetra, the early Twentieth Century complex of villas in the heart of Rome. With this exhibition the London Police have opened the doors to the fantastic world of their funny characters to the public, inviting people to discover how a part of their universe works and encouraging them to enjoy its lightness, free from political or religious themes, which are typical instead in our contemporary world.

"Do not be afraid, do not be a hero and let the good times flow!!" - The London Police For the purpose of this exhibition, the artists have produced fifteen works on canvas of various sizes. Large-format artworks tell a macro story, while small-format canvases focus on storytelling of some of the protagonists in greater detail.

About Hetra

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Opening: Saturday 26th May, 6.30 – 9.30 pm

Show dates: from 26th May 2018 till 22nd June 2018

Location: Villino Rattazzi, Via Boncompagni 10, Roma

Opening hours: from Wednesday to Friday 3pm – 7pm

An exclusive preview event is organised for collectors.
Please contact or call +39-3498112973 for further information.