Sowat(Marseille, 1978) began painting as a teenager, in the streets, wastelands and along the railroads in Marseille. Inspired by Cholo Writing and the work of Chaz Bojorquez, he drew abstract calligraphy on monumental murals and exhibitions with his crew around the globe (Australia, Germany, England, Denmark…). Meanwhile, Sowat developed experimental video works that culminated with the films “Mausoleum” and “Tracks Direct”, performed alongside Lek.

The meeting of Lek & Sowat happened in 2010 at a collective exhibition organized by the Graffiti Art magazine at the Celal gallery. They shared a common taste for Urbex or Urban Exploration, the art of finding and creating things in abandoned places. Pushing the boundaries of traditional graffiti, there in situ experiments are a mix of video, architectural abstraction, installations and archaeology, creating a modern form of urban land art.

Photograph by Maya Angelsen

Gallery exhibitions:

Lek & Sowat | Eterno | Wunderkammern Rome