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Seboo Migone

Born in Rome (1968) Seboo Migone is an Italian primarily a painter who explores with other techniques to communicate his ideologies of the human condition through drawing and sculpting. Graduating from Wimbledon School of Art in 1992, he began to show his work in solo and group exhibitions internationally.

Still-life, formation, animals and landscapes are explored in his paintings, all alternating in shape and fused together to create strange compositions and a surreal vision. Migone recreates reminiscent scenes only through memory, but considers them in opposite situations, ones far away from the original portrayal. His work has been included in many shows in galleries, including Wunderkammern in Rome; T1+2 Gallery in London; Earl Mc Grath Gallery in New York; Galleria Weber&Weber in Torino; and Galleria Antonio Battaglia in Milan, among others.

Gallery exhibitions: Seboo Migone, Luca Padroni | Biografie Visionarie