Peeta (1980) lives and works in Venice. Studying sculpture and industrial design, the artist has elaborated a three-dimensional painting in which the lettering acquires volume. The rhythmical juxtaposition between soft curves and sharp lines results in an extremely fluid and dynamic abstract figuration, a reflection of the artist’s personality and feelings. To Peeta painting and sculpture depend on each other, because they both contribute in a complementary way to the research on forms, colours and light.

The artist has participated in many exhibitions, fairs and festivals all around the world. Some festivals Peeta has partaken in are: Mural Festival in Goes (Netherlands, 2019), Street Art Festival in Boulogne-sur-Mer (France, 2019), Street Art Biennale in Padua (Italy, 2019), Muro Festival in Lisbon (Portugal, 2019) and Urban Forms Festival in Lodz (Poland, 2018). His work has been shown at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa in 2015 and in 2013 Peeta has performed at B2B TO BIENNALE, a collateral event of the 55th Art Biennale in Venice.

Gallery exhibitions:

Joys & Peeta | My good old habits | Wunderkammern Milan