Faith47 (Cape Town, 1979) is a South African artist established at an international level, renowned for her unique artworks that combine traditional graffiti and street art. Faith47 creates thought-provoking and meaningful works which take the form of metaphor, and which arise from her own political and existential questions.

The artist investigates the relationship between society and its environment, as well as human feelings, dreams, memories and behaviours; the experiences with people and places she encounters during her frequent travels inspire her artworks. Faith47 has a deep affinity with found objects and lost places: broken-down cars and old factories, dusty side roads of lost towns or inner-city alleyways. Her creations talk about injustice, inequality and society's failings, although the message she conveys also involves a hope for the future.

Faith47 uses a wide range of technique, from oil and spray paint to graphite and collage. She has exhibited in galleries and museums world-wide; among her solo shows, Aqua Regalia (2014, London) and Fragments of a Burnt History (2012, David Krut, Johannesburg). Some current group shows Faith47 is participating in are: ‘Time is Now II’ at Little River (Miami, 2019) and VENI VIDI VINCI, (Paris, 2019) which the exhibition pays tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci through exclusive works by internationally famous artists. She has also participated to festivals and art projects such as the UrbanArt Biennale, in UNESCO Voelklinger Huette World heritage site, Germany, (2017), Cities of Hope Mural Project in Manchester, UK (2016), Inter|urban Mural Project in Cleaveland USA (2016) and Outdoor Urban Art Festival, in Rome, Italy (2014).

Gallery exhibitions:

BR1, Alexis Diaz, Eron, Faith47 | Freedom as Form | Wunderkammern Milan