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Blue & Joy

Fabio La Fauci and Daniele Sigalot started their artistic project in 2005. ‘Blue & Joy’, the duos artistic name portrays two characters and their bleak adventures through trial and errors using practices like painting, sculpture as well as multimedia. Both characters seem contradicting in nature: Blue, despite his tear and his broken heart, is the happiest creature on earth and Joy, has his arms stretched towards the sky and an eternal smile, but still he is the saddest puppet around. During 2007, the pair took part in one of the most successful exhibitions, ‘Street Art, Sweet Art’ of that year in Milan at PAC - the Contemporary Art Pavilion, and also ended up on the impressive 360 squared-metres Diesel Wall. In 2010, Blue and Joy were invited along with 15 other artists to represent Western Art in the first Nanjing Biennale. During Art Basel Miami Beach, 2011, Blue and Joy exhibited their artworks in the Freedom Tower Museum, where they held a solo show "The wind doesn't have a plan." La Fauci and Sigalot, over time have built on the themes they had explored with their comic characters and started to take their view and transform this communication to large-scale installation. In the spirit of Blue and Joy’s comics, an installation piece was presented in the exhibition “The Geometry of the Wind” at Galleria Ca’ d’Oro, New York in 2015. Brightly coloured paper planes were used in this exhibition, bringing out the sense of nostalgia and hope, just like the characters.

Gallery exhibitions:

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