Aakash Nihalani

Born in Queens (USA), but of Indian heritage, Aakash Nihalani (1986) utilizes coloured, oftentimes fluorescent, adhesive tape to create simple geometric shapes that simulate three-dimensionality and function as deceptive continuations of the surrounding adjacent structures. Once the optical illusions are created, it is the human body that brings them to life, achieving a visual effect that is surprising and unexpected each time. In Aakash’s installations people interact with the geometry as they would with three-dimensional depth and perspective, as both players and as spectators alike.

In 2008 Nihalani received a BFA from the Steinhardt School of New York University (NYU), and in 2012, Lisa de Kooning awarded him a residency at Willem de Kooning’s studio in East Hampton, NY. In 2013, Nihalani was commissioned by the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill to create three ephemeral tape installations for their Herzog & de Meuron-designed museum’s exterior wall.

Nihalani’s colourful geometric-based work has been exhibited internationally and featured in a number of publications including: The New York Times, The Times of India, Vogue India and artinfo.com. He has been included in solo and group exhibitions throughout New York, Rome, New Delhi, and London. His work has been shown in international museums and galleries, he has also participated to festivals and art projects worldwide such as Nuart (Stavenger, 2012), Les Grandes Traversees (Bordeaux, 2010), Blk River (Vienna, 2009).

Gallery exhibitions:

Aakash Nihalani | Tilt | Wunderkammern Milan

Aakash Nihalani | Vantage | Wunderkammern Milan