Special Events

Law & Art, June 2017

We were pleased to host the talk Law & Art – The role of the jurists in the Contemporary Art System, which took place at Wunderkammern gallery in Milan on June 8, 2017.

The talk was held by Giuseppe Iannaccone, lawyer and collector, Giuseppe Pizzuto, lawyer and gallery owner, and Alberto Toffoletto, lawyer and collector.

Each one of the jurists involved reflected on their special relation with art. In particular Mr Iannaccone explained the experience of the Iannaccone collection, recently exhibited at Triennale di Milano, Mr Pizzuto focused on Wunderkammern contemporary art gallery with venues in Rome and Milan while Mr Toffoletto illustrated the project “Nctm e l’arte”.

Creative Mornings, March 2016

Creative mornings at Wunderkammern Rome: meeting with Italian artist MP5 and Giuseppe Pizzuto, co-director of Wunderkammern, during MP5’s solo show “Of Changes” (March 2016).

Creative mornings is a series of conferences, held monthly for the creative community in the world. Each event includes a short talk of 20 minutes and a breakfast open to anyone. Launched in 2008 in New York, today the cities involved in the world are over 130, and the community is still in continuous growth. On March 18th, the event was hosted at Wunderkammern Gallery, Rome, regarding the theme “changes”. Protagonists of Creative Morning were Giuseppe Pizzuto, co-director of the gallery, and the Italian artist MP5, who talked about the exhibition “Of Changes”, the I- Ching (the Book of Changes), the impact of urban art on the neighbourhood and how the art gallery has become a part of the city.

BEND,Outdoor and Urban Design, Wunderkammern Milan (2016)

BEND, Outdoor e Urban Design: urban furniture exhibition organised by Cini Boeri Architetti and LAB23 for the Milano Design Week 2016 at Wunderkammern Milano (April 2016).
The event was organized by Cini Boeri Architetti and Lab23 for the occasion of the Milan Design Week. “Bend, Outdoor and Urban Design” is the new street furniture 2016 collection, exhibited in the headquarters of the Wunderkammern gallery in Milan in parallel with the exhibition by the American artist JonOne, “Predictably irrational”. It stems from the research and the work of two aspects: comfort and object recognition.

Echoes of Echoes, Pure Evil in Rome

Anticipating his solo show “Echoes“ at Wunderkammern Roma, the artist Pure Evil created a mural intervention called “Love Bomb” on the walls of a public school in Torpignattara and a series of live performances in several locations in Rome (September 2015).

In occasion of his solo show entitled “Echoes” at Wunderkammern Roma, Pure Evil did a series of public interventions in the city. In the Torpignattara neighborhood he created two mural interventions using his most recognizable iconographic symbol, the bunny, that bursted from a symbolic exploding “Love Bomb”. Before the show, Pure Evil also performed a series of live-performances in which he created silk-screen prints in front of passerby, at the Isola Tiberina, the Fontana delle Tartarughe, the Castel Sant’Angelo, Piazza Navona and the Pantheon.

The Man Who Walks Through Walls and Monnalisa, Blek le Rat

Considered the initiator of Stencil Art, Blek le Rat has left his sign in walls of cities all over the world: now it’s the turn of Rome, where he has created “The Man Who Walks Through Walls” and “Monna Lisa” (December 2015). As a preview of his solo show “Propaganda”, that inaugurated the new venue of Wunderkammern in Milan, Blek le Rat did an urban intervention at Via Gabrio Serbelloni 50 in Rome. “Propaganda” was centred on the ideas of disclosure and propagation. Even art, in some cases, has been used as an instrument of propaganda and, conversely, the latter has been implemented as a technique by artists: from the iconography of the Renaissance up to the modern-era movements like Futurism, Constructivism, Pop Art, and Urban Art. Through his works, Blek le Rat investigated this theme, which has been an important source of inspiration for him: his introduction of stencils in art is, in part, due to certain stencils from fascist propaganda that he saw in Padua when he was younger.

Millennials, MP5

A piece of Athens in a neighbourhood in Rome: “Millennials”, mural intervention for the solo show “Of Changes” by the Italian artist MP5 at Wunderkammern Rome. (February 2016) At number 91, in Amedeo Cencelli street, MP5 has created “Millennials”, mural commissioned by Wunderkammern for her solo show “Of Changes” Five Caryatids, each one slightly different, cover the two of the facades of the building, taking inspiration from unperturbed korai of Erechtheion and its loggia on the Acropolis of Athens. " I think the classic model encloses the sobriety and at the same time the power of monumental art that has inspired mankind for years, and as an artist who works in the public space I needed to confront this tradition” says MP5.