Edoardo Tresoldi

Edoardo Tresoldi (Milan, 1987) is an Italian set designer, sculptor and artist. He is especially known for his meshed metal installations, which take shape as site-specific transparent sculptures that are perfectly integrated in the surroundings. The artist starts with the dynamics of the space, then develops a story or a character and concretizes them through the creation of the sculpture. Tesoldi has participated to festivals, art projects, gallery and museum exhibitions world-wide such as Archetipo, Abu Dhabi (2017), Islamic Arts Festival in Sharjah, Emirates (2016), Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea Italia-Cina in Turin, Italy (2015), Oltre il Muro Festival di Arte Urbana in Sapri, Italy (2014), SANfest, in Córcoles(Madrid), Spain (2014) and Mura Mura Festival, Pizzo Calabro, Italy (2013).